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Real Estate


Information Technology

Finance & Banking


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Industrial Gas Distribution

Landscaping and Lawn Service

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Trucking & Delivery

Human Resources

Recent Engagements:

·     Large commercial construction company realized that while business has slowed dramatically, justifiable valuations have also decreased. Performed a detailed valuation engagement for determination of value for estate planning purposes. 

·     Completed valuation for large commercial construction contracting company where ownership desired to reorganize and contribute non-voting shares to an intentionally defective trust. 

·     Performed numerous family limited partnership asset valuations of portfolios comprised of publicly held securities and derivatives for the purposes of deriving value for gift tax reporting purposes.

·    Valuation performed on target company for bank loan underwriting purposes for Acquirer to complete transaction.  Acquirer sought to expand services and territory by acquiring competitors.

·    Performed consulting and valuation services for management buyout of a manufacturing company. Strata currently has business listed for sale.

·    Performed estate tax valuation services in regards to the preparation of a local doctor’s practice for reporting value on estate tax return following the death of a spouse. 

·    Beneficiary of a sizable marital estate wished to perform valuation on family limited partnership in order to derive value to offer early distributions to charitable foundations who were contingent beneficiaries of the estate. 

·    Designed and implemented an exit plan for owner of construction related company resulting in sale of portion of ownership to key employees.

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