Strata Valuation Advisors, Houston, Texas

The value of a privately held business is needed for varied purposes including strategic planning, exit planning, tax planning, dispute resolution, financial reporting, ESOPs and buying and selling businesses. Located in Houston, Texas, with satellite offices in Dallas and Oklahoma City, Strata Valuation Advisors specializes in providing valuation and other related services to the owners of privately held companies. Our Services include business valuation preparation, fairness opinions, exit planning for the business owner and advisory consulting for mergers and acquisitions.

We are a relationship driven firm that is focused on serving the needs of our client business owners. We interact with advisors of the business owners to make certain that our clients receive the best possible product and advice from our firm that is consistent with those client needs. We focus on small to medium size businesses and bring unique backgrounds and experience to our engagements that adds value to our clients from day one. Our goal is to be one of the business owner’s most trusted advisors and to provide impartial, well grounded advice in regards to one of the most important assets of the business owner – his or her business.